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Tissues are being accumulated from past and future harvests of drug treated and caloric restricted mice for investigators to form collaborations to study healthspan extension. Find out more

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Strain Gendersort descending Age in Months Tissue Region Storage Medium Contact Us
C57BL-6J Female 24 Liver Caudate lobe Formalin fixed paraffin embedded Orderβactin-hhsp10-60) (HSP10-60 transgenic) Female 4 Spleen Whole Frozen Order
C57Bl-6 Female 3 Kidney Right Frozen Orderβactin-hhsp10-60) (HSP10-60 transgenic) Female 4 Liver Right lobe Frozen Order
C57BL-6N Tac Female 24 Brown Adipose Tissue Frozen Order
C57BL-6J Female 4 Thymus Whole Frozen Orderβactin-rhsp70) (HSP70 transgenic) Female 8 Mammary fat Formalin fixed paraffin embedded Order
C57Bl-Icrfat Female 19 Gut Duodenum Frozen Order
C57Bl-Icrfat Female 19 Pancreas Whole Frozen Order
C57BL-6N Tac Female 4 Muscle Hind quarters Frozen Order