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Provide Aged Mice

Thank you for considering a contribution to the ShARM biorepository. By donating surplus tissues, you will significantly increase the quality and quantity of research into ageing and assist in the reduction and refinement of the use of animals in research.

To contribute tissues, or register a live ageing colony, please email or call 0114 215 9068.

Donating tissues

We accept any mouse tissues donated, provided that full details of the mouse, treatment and husbandry conditions are collected with ShARM assistance.

Please collect the tissues according to our SOP for contribution and freeze in barcoded cryovials within 10 minutes of the death of the animal (3 min for brain and gut). For formalin fixed tissues, we will accept tissues fixed within 20 min of death.

We respect your privacy, and will never reveal the source of tissues donated, or any information that would reveal an individual’s research or findings. Contribution is voluntary and involvement in the facility may be withdrawn at any time.

Information required

In order to contribute tissues, we require that you submit information relating to the mice, including strain, age, gender and husbandry. When contributing tissues, please complete the following forms:

1) Colony registration - should be completed prior to harvest, serves to notify us of the tissues to expect

2) Animal husbandry - records the details of the animal house

3) Necropsy card - details data for each mouse at harvest

Please inform us before contributing tissues, .

Register a colony

In addition to our tissue biorepository, we also have a group of registered live ageing colonies. To register a colony, please contact us.

If we receive a request from another researcher to access surplus tissues from your colony, we will get in touch to inform you of the details of their request. If both of you are happy to proceed, we will facilitate the exchange of contact details to enable you to coordinate collection of the tissues. 

You will need to provide information relating to the colony, its treatment and expected time of sacrifice. We will assist with this data collection.

What are the conditions of contribution of tissues?

Will my identity or research be disclosed?

How will the tissues I contribute be collected?

Can I claim any money for contributing tissues?