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Get Aged Tissues

Become a ShARM ambassador and earn free tissues.

Would your colleagues be interested in purchasing aged and control murine tissues from a range of wild type mice including C57BL/6J and BALB/c?

Introduce 3 colleagues who purchase tissue and you will receive 5 aged and 5 young tissues free of charge.

To qualify, email your colleagues, with in copy and when they buy tissues we will contact you for you to choose your 10 free samples


Tissues are being accumulated from past and future harvests of drug treated and caloric restricted mice for investigators to form collaborations to study healthspan extension. Find out more

Interested in obtaining low cost, high quality mouse tissues for your research? Browse our tissue database. You will need to be a qualified scientific investigator registered in our ShARM community.

Can you not find the tissue you are looking for?

What is covered by the Materials Transfer Agreement when buying tissues?

How much to tissues cost?

How are the tissues fixed?

How do you ensure the quality of the tissue?