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About ShARM

ShARM is a not-for-profit organisation consisting of a collaboration between MRC Harwell and the Universities of Sheffield and Newcastle, and is funded by the Wellcome Trust. We aim to accelerate research into ageing by facilitating the sharing of resources, providing access to cost effective aged murine tissue and facilitating the sharing of information between researchers.


We aim to accelerate research into ageing by providing immediate access to cost effective aged mouse models and their tissue. We also provide a unique, online environment for users to network and exchange knowledge (our ShARM community). Our services contribute towards reducing the number of animals used in research.


ShARM has two staff members and is administered by the grant principle investigator Prof Ilaria Bellantuno and overseen by the management board. Our board members are elected by the research community. 


Membership is free and open to any scientific investigator. We encourage all those involved in research using aged murine models to become involved, including students, technicians and investigators. Please join the ShARM community to register and get involved.